What items should we see when checking car tyres

Aug 12, 2017

In addition to regular maintenance, you must also pay attention to potential problems that may affect the car tyre. Regular inspection can help you prevent tyre problems and ensure driving safety.

When checking tyres, should be checked:

1,Uneven tread wear. Check which problems cause uneven wear and tear.

2,Excessive wear of tread. Over worn tyres tend to skid on the road and are more likely to be damaged by road craters and other road hazards.

car tyre

3, Check the wedge tread in stone, broken glass, sheet metal and other foreign bodies, they will be carefully removed.

If you find any vibration or other abnormality in the tyre, or if you suspect a tyre or car is damaged, you should slow down immediately, drive carefully to the safe place outside the road, and then stop to check the tyres.

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